3 Lipsticks for $3


I was at the drugstore the other day looking for some fun new lip colors to play around with, and I discovered Wet N Wild’s new line of $1 lipsticks! I knew I was going to be getting some right there, but I couldn’t decide on the colors! So I closed my eyes and asked my friend to grab me a couple colors that I wouldn’t usually wear! Here’s her picks!


First up we have the shade Dark Wine. This is a color that I would wear any day, plums are my favorites to wear! (Check out my post of my favorite purple lip colors here!) But as for the other two, I was a little hesitant…they are an orangey-coral shade titled What’s Up Doc and a dark, purple-black color called Vamp It Up. I tend to veer away from corals in fear of looking washed out, and I wouldn’t wear black lipstick usually unless it was Halloween! However, I tried to keep an open mind as I tried them on.


I was expecting great things of this line, and I was not disappointed! The colors are a little sheer, but they’re easy to build up, apply like a dream, and don’t dry your lips out! This beautiful deep maroon wine shade is one that I see myself wearing day-to-day as well as for a night out.


I was wary of this coral/orange shade because I wasn’t sure how well it would suit my skin tone, but it actually wasn’t too bad! The bright color is perfect for summer, and actually matches my swimsuit really well πŸ™‚ It did require a few coats to get the even color I wanted, but for just $1 I really can’t complain!


This last one was the most unusual for me, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. The lipstick only required one coat, but I’m not sure when I would wear this shade! Any ideas?

Β Β 3lip6


From left to right: What’s Up Doc, Dark Wine, Vamp It Up


What do you think? Do you have any favorite drugstore makeup lines? How would you wear these colors? Let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚

Love Kiki


49 thoughts on “3 Lipsticks for $3

  1. Kiki – these colours are all really lovely and unique in their own way and they all look lovely on you!

    What I would say is that the deeper maroon shade is perfect for everyday and evenings too – simple eyeliner during the day and a little bit of brown shadow just to add more depth to your eye in the evening.

    The coral shade would look gorgeous worn with a clashing eyeliner like green but if you want to keep things natural then you could wear a lovely gold eyeshadow to compliment the coral.

    As for the dark, dark shade – I am quite unsure as it’s not a colour that I would personally wear BUT you can make it work for an evening out if you want to make a statement! πŸ™‚

    Layla xx


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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really enjoyed reading your ideas on how to wear these! I’ll definitely test out that gold eyeliner combination with the coral lip, and I’ll have to play around to find a way to make that dark lip work. Have a great weekend, Layla! πŸ™‚
      xo Kiki


  2. I’m so jealous you can buy Wet’n Wild lipstick with only $1 since the price is mark upped into $5 in my place!
    I’m considering to buy the Vamp it Up because I’m obsessed with dark purple lipstick lately. Maybe black mascara and white dress will work with Vamp it Up shade :))
    Thanks for visited and commenting on my blogβ™‘ Have a nice weekends!!



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