What I Think- The iPhone 6

iphone 6

 Today I’d like to share with you all my take on the latest version of the Apple phone-the iPhone 6. Recently I was due for an model upgrade on my phone plan, and I chose this model after much hemming and hawing! I like having an iPhone over a different brand because I work from an Apple computer, and I like being able to sync my music and photos between the two-it makes things very simple when taking photos on my iPhone that I want to use on the blog. That’s another reason I chose this model, because it’s got a great camera on it for a cell phone, and I can’t seem to stay away from Instagram no matter how hard I try!

I wasn’t expecting to like this phone very much because it’s so much larger than my last one. I’m a fan of smaller ones, because it’s really hard to get these giant phones into the back pockets of my jeans! But I haven’t really minded the extra size on this. It definitely has a much longer battery life than my last one, and that’s always a plus.

It’s so sleek and pretty, I can’t bring myself to put it is a case yet! Although I probably should soon, I’m a little clumsier with my electronics than I’d like to think 🙂 When I do finally get around to getting a case for it, here are my top picks! If any of you have this phone as well, please let me know what you’ve found works well on it! All of these cases are also available for other models and brands of phones.


1.) I’m loving this on-trend marble case from JoyMerrymanStore on Etsy! Find it here.


2.) Another Etsy find, this time from user FieldTrip. This little cactus print is so cute!! Get it here.


3.) How cute is this vintage style camera case? I just can’t stay away from Etsy-this one is from user Afterimages and can be found here.

What do you think? Do you use an iPhone 6? What’s your favorite phone case? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Love Kiki


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All photos belong to the owners, I do not own them. All opinions are my own-this is not a sponsored post.

66 thoughts on “What I Think- The iPhone 6

  1. Gabrielle

    The marble-print case is so stylish, I’ll absolutely opt for one like that when I next upgrade my phone! Also, I’m with you on coveting iphones thanks to their great cameras (amongst other reasons)! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



  2. I have the iPhone6 too and lovenit. Im not sure how I lived with the small screen of the 4s. Everything works perfectly with the 6. I have the gold version, which is too pretty to put a case on! I have yet to do so.



  3. I have the iPhone 6 and I’m not in love. I’m a loyal Apple user, but I seem to keep having technical difficulties that even my way out of date iPhone 4S didn’t have. Granted, it seems like most people with most carriers and brands have been having similar issues (texts not going through mainly) so maybe I’m just letting that taint my view of the 6. I feel like there were other issues that I’m blanking on currently…hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did!


    1. Oh no! That doesn’t sound like fun…I use Sprint and I’ve never had trouble with texts going through…maybe it’s just the area I live in though? It’s hard to say. I hope those issues get resolved for you!
      xo Kiki


  4. I’ve always been an iPhone user. My boyfriend has tried to convenience me to switch to Samsung for quite some time now, but I have to say that I much rather prefer an iPhone. I have the 5c and for me it does the job. I think I use to care more about what type of phone I had when I was younger, although if I was due for a model upgrade I think I would stick to iPhone. I do enjoy the ability to sync things easily and like you said I also have a MAC. I think also another big feature of the iPhone is the size and how easy it was to text with it with one hand. ‘

    Great review! Love hearing about the latest models.



    1. Thanks for the great comment, Ela! It’s so useful to be able to sync things between products, and I really like how simple it is to use the iPhone. Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely weekend!
      xo Kiki


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