The Road So Far- Part 2

It’s been a week or so of walking, and I find myself settling into the daily rhythm. Waking up at 5 wearing my walking clothes, pulling on my boots and stepping out the door of the hostel right onto the trail. Usually I walk about 6 kilometers before stopping for breakfast. It’s hours before sunrise when the walk begins, and I love the serenity of it. Sometimes the Camino is right next to a road, and sometimes it’s so far from civilization it feels like I’ve gone back a few centuries. It’s amazing to think how many people have walked the same path over hundreds of years.

From starting in the province of Burgos, I have now crossed into Palencia and am just a couple of days from the city of León! I can’t wait to get there, but for now I’m enjoying walking through the countryside. Here’s a few shots to give you a bit of a feel of the trail!


As you can see, we’re walking through the flat and hot part right now. This are is known as the Meseta, and many pilgrims take a bus through it instead of enduring the awful baking heat. To anyone thinking of doing this trip, don’t forget to carry at least a liter or two of water walking through this area-and sunscreen is a must as well to survive this section. I made the mistake of forgetting to put it on the backs of my legs, and I suffered a miserable couple of days. Sun protection is top priority! Thankfully, the Meseta does end eventually.

Love Kiki


For more about the Camino, check out Part1, Part 3, and Santiago de Compostela!

13 thoughts on “The Road So Far- Part 2

  1. That’s really amazing, such a walk and I loved the pictures! I am really looking forward to seeing the way through the mountains, I am sure it will be amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!


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