Santiago de Compostela

After 26 days of walking and over 500 kilometers, I have finally made it to Santiago de Compostela!!


It feel so incredible to have finished my second Camino! The road was long and rough and every day was tougher than the last, but I am so proud of myself for completing this for the second time. Here’s my official certificate of completion, called a Compostela! It’s issued to each religious pilgrim by the Catholic Church, and they write your name on it in Latin.

This experience is truly life changing for every pilgrim, and each pilgrim learns new things about themselves along the Way.

Here are 5 things the Camino taught me that I will carry into my life back home!

1.) Remember why you’re doing it. You may be waking in 100 degree heat through fields of nothing for kilometers and kilometers, but you chose that! Don’t forget your reasons, and your goals will be that much easier.

2.) Sunscreen is always a good idea! There’s nothing worse than a backpack chafing on a sunburn, and sunscreen protects you and makes your skin look much better in the long run. Don’t leave without it!

3.) However much stuff you think you need to get along- you need much less than you think you do. We tend to collect things, but having to carry all those things on your back really teaches you to prioritize!

4.) Don’t trust the water unless you’re positive its drinkable. No explanation needed.

5.) To quote The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, you can stand anything for ten more seconds! Just one baby step at a time.

I hope that any of you who are considering doing the Camino enjoy these photos! Feel free to contact me with any questions about the trip-you can find my email under the Contact Me tab. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Kiki


For more about the Camino, check out Part 1Part 2, and Part 3!


26 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela

  1. Congratulations! Amazing, you made it, really such a great feeling it must be! I agree with sunscreen and also, everything is a matter of baby steps, no doubt! Looking forward to reading more and seeing more pictures soon, now enjoy your week – you deserve it!


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