6 Study Tips For College Kids (And Other Busy People)

Hey there everyone! As a current college student, sometimes I feel like my life is totally consumed by my classes and schoolwork. Nursing requires hours of studying from the textbook every night, and it can get really overwhelming. So I wanted to share with you some of my tips for successful studying and keeping the stress levels controlled. I think that these tips work not only for college kids, but for busy bloggers as well! Read on for more!


1. Use Your Resources.

Tutors aren’t just there to look pretty-they’re there to help you succeed! Same with your professors. Their job is to help you learn, so take advantage of that and go to office and tutoring hours to review any questions you might have and stay on top of your work.


2. Set aside a specific time to study each day.

It’s hard to make study time a priority in college with so many time demands from friends, clubs, and work. Make sure to set aside a specific time every day to study, so that you get into a routine and get used to doing it each day.

3. Put away distractions.

Turn that phone off and put it where you can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind! If you don’t need it to study, put your computer away and just focus on the textbook or notes you took. Which brings us to number 4-


4. Take good notes.

Taking notes might seem time consuming and difficult while in class, but they’re so helpful to look back on and connect the material from the textbook to what your professor is saying. Studies have shown that if you don’t take notes, 60% of what you hear in class is forgotten after just 9 hours- yikes! Avoid this by reviewing and rewriting your notes after class to help you retain the information.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks.

Snacking is something all of us do, but when you’re stressed and studying it’s too easy to sit down with a new bag of chips and find it’s empty an hour later! Stock up on healthier snacks like blueberries, yogurt, and almonds that contain brain-boosting compounds (and taste delicious too).


6. Leave time for yourself. Β 

Sure, studying is really important. And you’re in college to learn. But breaks are important too; they give your brain time to recharge and help you do better in the long run. Take a 15 minute break for every hour of studying, and you’ll find yourself much less stressed than trying to do all of it at once. Grab dinner with friends or binge-watch some Netflix (I recommend Once Upon A Time πŸ˜‰ ). It won’t kill you or your GPA to take a break every once in a while!

I targeted this post towards college kids like me, but I think these tips can be applied to blog work as well! What do you think? What study strategies do you use? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

Love Kiki


All opinions are my own; this is not a sponsored post. All photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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109 thoughts on “6 Study Tips For College Kids (And Other Busy People)

  1. I think you could definitely apply tips like this to blogging/work life as well, it can be so hard to find a nice life balance between things! The biggest things I did back when I was studying is I would put my phone on airplane mode (that way I could still use my calendar/notes app) and set myself a break time, that way when I was working I knew exactly how long till I could relax a little.



  2. These are fantastic tips. Specific times and the distractions… completely agree. Having a set schedule or time slot for a particular activity is a great way to prioritise and also feel like it’s not all too overwhelming because you have a part of your day dedicated to this activity! And healthy snacking! Who doesn’t love a snack that tastes good and is good for you too πŸ™‚

    Anna xx


  3. That was very very good! I just wrote to a friend that I need a day to have 72 hours, so I loved reading these tips now avoid distractions, healthy snack… really great, thank you!


  4. These are great strategies. I am not a student right now, but a teacher and blogger. I use a lot of these tips and find them very helpful! Especially while working on report cards, I use the 15 minute break for every hour. It really helps my stamina!

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Molly | http://www.stylemissmolly.com


  5. These are such great tips! I didn’t start blogging until after I gradated college because it was sooo time consuming. How amazing to do both at the same time!! Such great advice for busy college students!



  6. These are great tips! It has been a number of years since I graduated from college, but this advice definitely resonated with me and can easily be applied to my life as a full-time blogger. I think taking notes is so important. I always wrote out my notes in class, and would take pages and pages of notes, and review them in the evening to help me retain the material better.



  7. Gabrielle

    Putting away distractions is a very good tip for those in all walks of life and on pretty much any path – it’s so important when you’re busy! Sometimes we don’t even realise what are actually ‘distractions’ and are mistaking for being important!

    Have a lovely week πŸ™‚

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  8. I love it! As a college student in my final semester I totally agree with so many of these! Sometimes I need to really get some space away from all the distractions in my house, and also to take some me time! It’s hard to focus when you’re running on empty both emotionally and physically! Great post girl!

    xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com


  9. I absolutely love these tips! Another one to include is to write everything down when taking notes. I know some professors will give a signal about stuff that might be on a test…. I used to write down absolutely every single word that came from my professors’ mouths whenever they would stomp their foot or snap their fingers.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy


  10. Great tips, Kiki! When I was in college I was always at the learning center and I was amazed how most of the time, there really wasn’t a lot of students. I didn’t understand how anyone wouldn’t utilize such a great service that’s included in tuition! I would also have an English professor review and edit my papers every time before submitting it to my class professor, which helped a ton; I didn’t get anything less than an A on all my college papers because of this!

    I also agree that it’s so important to carve out time each day to review notes to prevent from cramming last minute.

    Such great tips, Kiki! I hope you excel in all your classes!




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