Spring Wishlist ft. Warby Parker

As someone who doesn’t wear glasses, I’ve seen Warby Parker around the blogosphere but never really bothered to check them out more. When they got in touch with me to help spread the word about their spring collection, I thought right away nope! I don’t wear glasses, so why would I suggest them to my readers?

But then I saw the collection! They almost make me wish I did wear glasses, because they are just so pretty! There’s so many styles, and they’re all so lovely and whimsical. So, here’s some things from around the web that are on my wishlist for spring, including some pretty frames! What are you lusting after for spring?

First up- this adorable swimsuit from Modcloth! I need a new suit pretty badly, mine is two years old. Plus, this one is super cute!!


I know everyone’s obsessed with the Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay collection, and I’m no different! I gotta get my hands on this blush palette, the colors look gorgeous.


If I did wear eyeglasses, it would be super hard for me to choose between these peach Finch glasses and the red Maraschino frames! So cute.

1500x7501500x750 (1)

I’m also a huge fan of rompers, and with spring (hopefully) not far away, I need this pretty cutout Forever21 one to add to my collection I think! Those bell sleeves are perfection.


Last but not least, this makeup bag from Breakups to Makeup is just the cutest! And so true too haha, I usually take way too long to choose a lip color in the morning.


There are what I’m loving lately! Hopefully I’ll be able to treat myself to one or two of them πŸ˜‰ If you’d like to check out the rest of the Warby Parker collection besides the ones I included, you can click here! What’s on your wishlist for spring? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

Love Kiki


All opinions are my own; Warby Parker contacted me, but this is not a sponsored post. All photos belong to the sources linked.

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80 thoughts on “Spring Wishlist ft. Warby Parker

  1. Lisa

    The frames are so Jessica Day from New Girl – adorable!! I wear glasses (when driving and watching NBA games) so I may have to check out the frames!



  2. Oh my gosh, new glasses are so hard to resist! My cousin’s girlfriend went to the Warby Parker store in Manhattan and got the cutest glasses there. Yay, you’re a romper fan too! They have all the advantages of shorts (no chafing!) without the drawbacks (annoying waistbands, etc). Love this list!



  3. I hadn’t heard of Warby Parker until today through another blogger, it’s funny how that happens, haha! They definitely have some amazing frames! I love that swimsuit as well, ModCloth have some of the most adorable swim pieces!

    I don’t really have a wishlist for spring, apart from warm temperatures and sun, haha. Maybe a trip?



    1. It’s funny how that happens sometimes! I really love Modcloth, everything is so cute and vintage inspired, plus I love how they use their employees as models! Thanks for stopping by, Erin!
      xo Kiki


  4. Margarita Chi

    That makeup bag is TOO CUTE! I love everything on this blog post. I have been hearing a lot about Warby Parker recently from other bloggers and their glasses are too cute!


  5. That Gwen Stefani blush palette by UD is soon pretty! I was looking at the eye shadow palette not too long ago and it was so pretty, but alas I left the palette where I found it. However, I don’t know if could not purchase the blush palette =D
    Also that swimsuit…super cute! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for summer now hehe.
    Hope you’ve had a super weekend so far!
    Emma xxx



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