How To Stay Matte All Day (On A Budget)

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’ve been meaning to post some more outfit photos here on the blog lately, but between traveling back and forth to college and being sick, it’s been difficult to find time! Hopefully I can find time to shoot more of them soon. In the meantime, I apologize for the myriad of beauty posts! It’s really fun to write about products though, so I suppose I’m not too sorry haha.

So many of us, even those like me with dry skin, struggle with keeping our makeup matte all day. The problem I have is that I want my skin to look bright and healthy, without being shiny looking. Here are my three favorite drugstore products to keep your face fresh for hours, without breaking the bank!


A good primer is a must whether you’re looking for a dewy or matte finish. This one is my current favorite! It’s from Maybelline’s Master Prime range, which also features great color-correcting options. This one blurs and smooths your pores, and does a great job of keeping your foundation in place. The best part is, it’s just $9.99!


A cult favorite, this Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is something I’ve raved about before! It’s probably my most repurchased product EVER! The packaging is a little annoying because the lid comes off easily, but it’s really amazing for reducing shine. Plus it comes in super pale colors, which is helpful for me haha. It instantly absorbs any oil that is on your face, and it’s only $4.99 from Ulta!


Last but not least, the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray. I recently discovered this, and it’s been a must have ever since! A few sprays of this will keep your makeup in place for hours, and it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky on the skin. They also make a dewy version if that’s more your style too! It’s just $7.99.


So there you have it! My tips for keeping your skin totally matte all day, and you can get all of these for only $23! I just love finding great drugstore makeup.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these products before? Do you prefer matte or dewy, and how do you get your skin to stay that way?Β Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

Love Kiki


All opinions are my own; Β this is not a sponsored post.Β 

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99 thoughts on “How To Stay Matte All Day (On A Budget)

  1. I used to love the Stay Matte Powder! The packaging is a real pain for travelling, but the product works nicely. I would love to try a finishing spray! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the Nyx one! In my eyes Nyx can do no wrong haha!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge


  2. Kay

    Loving all your tips, darling! My skin is naturally very oily so I do have to do quite a lot to keep it matte everyday… I’ve used that Rimmel powder before and I agree with you, it is pretty amazing! I’m currently enjoying my mattifying powder by No7, though – it’s one of my fav purchases of the past year! ❀ x Hope you feel better soon hun, and thanks for sharing yet another lovely post. x



    1. Primers definitely make a difference in how long your makeup lasts! I really like this one for a cheaper buy, but if you have a bigger budget Smashbox makes sme awesome ones too! Have a great day, May πŸ™‚
      xo Kiki


  3. This is such a help! I’ve been looking for a good setting spray for ages, but I’ve never tried this one! There’s nothing worse than getting home and discovering that your eye makeup magically migrated to below your eyes and your face shines brighter than the surface of the sun.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  4. mybeautycloud

    I love that these are all drugstore products! I’ve never tried them before, but I’ve heard about the Nyx Setting Spray a lot so it’s definitely on my list. I usually like to go for that “healthy dewy glow” but not be too shiny. Haven’t yet perfected a system to get there since I also have dry skin, but maybe I’ll start with these products! Thanks for sharing Kiki πŸ™‚

    Sam |


  5. I didn’t even know half of these products, even though I knew the brands. And they’re quite inexpensive. I’d love to see you do a look on it. I have a pretty oily T Zone so it’s always nice to see options and recommendations on what I should and should not use. Really love this post!

    Ella x


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