Spring Wishlist ft. Warby Parker

As someone who doesn’t wear glasses, I’ve seen Warby Parker around the blogosphere but never really bothered to check them out more. When they got in touch with me to help spread the word about their spring collection, I thought right away nope! I don’t wear glasses, so why would I suggest them to my readers?

But then I saw the collection! They almost make me wish I did wear glasses, because they are just so pretty! There’s so many styles, and they’re all so lovely and whimsical. So, here’s some things from around the web that are on my wishlist for spring, including some pretty frames! What are you lusting after for spring?

First up- this adorable swimsuit from Modcloth! I need a new suit pretty badly, mine is two years old. Plus, this one is super cute!!


I know everyone’s obsessed with the Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay collection, and I’m no different! I gotta get my hands on this blush palette, the colors look gorgeous.


If I did wear eyeglasses, it would be super hard for me to choose between these peach Finch glasses and the red Maraschino frames! So cute.

1500x7501500x750 (1)

I’m also a huge fan of rompers, and with spring (hopefully) not far away, I need this pretty cutout Forever21 one to add to my collection I think! Those bell sleeves are perfection.


Last but not least, this makeup bag from Breakups to Makeup is just the cutest! And so true too haha, I usually take way too long to choose a lip color in the morning.


There are what I’m loving lately! Hopefully I’ll be able to treat myself to one or two of them 😉 If you’d like to check out the rest of the Warby Parker collection besides the ones I included, you can click here! What’s on your wishlist for spring? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Love Kiki


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3 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I love dressing up, I love candy, I love trick-or-treating! Everything about Halloween is my favorite, and since it’s just around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my costume ideas! The best thing about this list is that all of these outfits can be put together without buying much, which is great for my fellow poor college students. Most of these can be put together with items you have in your own closet! Scroll down for some budget-friendly Halloween costume ideas!


1. Go Classic- Black Cat, Witch

If you’re looking for the easiest costume to put together, think back to when you were a kid. Grab a pair of black tights and a crop top, draw some whiskers on with eyeliner, and pick up a pair of ears from Walmart. Voila! You’re a black cat. Wanna be a witch? Pull out your favorite skater dress, add some fun tights and boots, then just grab a hat. A swipe of burgundy lipstick and a statement necklace spice things up-broom is optional!


2. Go Vintage- Audrey Hepburn, Bonnie And Clyde

While you’ll see quite a few black cats and witches out this Halloween, you’ll probably see less of these characters. Vintage-styled costumes are a lot of fun to wear, and these two are iconic enough that you won’t have to explain what you are every other minute. For Bonnie and Clyde, a sweater vest with a skirt, a beret, a fake pistol and a partner should do it (add some fake money bags for a hint if you think you need to). Audrey Hepburn as Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly is one of the most well-known film characters of all time. I actually dressed up as her myself last year (click here if you want to see how that turned out!). Just pick a dress with a classic silhouette, grab a pair of black gloves, and some pearls, then finish off the look with a bun and a tiara. If you have one, a cigarette holder really pulls it together! (I made one out of a chopstick.)


3. Go Disney

There’s a reason that we’re obsessed with Disney characters-they’re easy to recognize and easy to make a costume from things you already own! Here’s some inspiration for a couple of my favorite characters.



As you can see from this post, I’m getting a little obsessed with Polyvore haha. You can follow me here, I’d love to check out your accounts!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Any fun plans? Are you going as any of these? Let me know in the comments! And if you still can’t decide what you’d like to be this year, here’s a CollegeFashion quiz to help you decide. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Kiki


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Back To School Fall Haul


As August wanes, my thoughts turn to buying my overpriced books and saying goodbye to my friends at home for another semester. Both things are equally depressing, so I tried to cheer myself up by going back to school wardrobe shopping! A little retail therapy does wonders for the soul. I picked up a few things that I can’t wait to wear on campus, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing these pieces way too often for my own good!

When I enter a Forever 21, it’s physically impossible for me to leave without buying something. The fast-fashion giant is my holy grail for testing out trends as well as picking up great basics! You have to be careful when buying cheaply however; I always check the seams and fabrics of pieces to make sure I’m getting the best quality possible for that low price. I’ve been disappointed before by things falling apart on me after just a few wears, so I take care in picking things out now. Here’s what I picked up!

1. Ribbed Knit Bodycon Dress in Burgundy

I grabbed this lovely maroon knit sweater dress. It’s light enough to wear now, and easy to layer later with tights and oxfords! It fits like a loose bodycon on me, not skintight but not a shift either.


I also grabbed these round sunnies to replace my trusty Amazon ones…sadly I lost them at a friend’s house the other day (RIP, sunnies…), but I love these new ones just as much! Find them here for just $5.90.


2. and 3. I picked up a couple of crop tops, because you can never have enough, right? This black racerback and front crop is a loose knit, and it’s so versatile! The racer-front adds enough to it to make it interesting. I also grabbed this Breakfast Club cropped tee from Rue 21-I love eighties movies, and it was just $10! Keep your eyes peeled for a look featuring it soon! 🙂


4. I’m in love with  denim. This denim shift dress is the perfect piece to layer for fall, and since it’s sleeveless, it can be worn now too! Forever 21 is offering free shipping on all denim right now too! I tucked a bronze necklace that I found on the sale rack for $3.90 under the collar.



5,6,7. I picked up this creme lipstick in the shade Sangria, as well as these two lipliners. I can’t wait to test them all out!


Are you ready to go back to school? Have you picked up anything exciting for fall yet? Do you love Forever 21 too? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to go back to school and wear all of these. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Love Kiki


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My Dresslink Wishlist

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. I’ve been exhausted trying to keep on top of work, social outings, and everything else. I’ve been rewarding myself for getting through the days with a lot of online shopping! 😉 I’ve been testing out some new retailers that aren’t my usual go-tos. It’s always good to look around and see what other options are out there instead of getting stuck in a style rut!

By now, everyone’s probably seen links to this new clothing website cropping up on various blogging feeds. If you’ve never heard of Dresslink, here’s the basics-it’s a Chinese wholesale clothing retailer, which means they can sell clothes very cheaply! They have some really cute designs and some awesome on-trend pieces that I’d love to try out! Here’s my wishlist!


Black Romper


Little White Dress


 Blue Jumpsuit


Fringe Skirt


Pineapple Shorts

Of course, with wholesale clothing you run the risk of the quality being poorer than expected, but with such great prices I think that risk is a fair tradeoff! Nothing on the wishlist costs over $8-how crazy is that? I’m in love with all of these pieces, especially that black romper and the black fringe skirt. Dresslink also has an insane amount of pieces-there truly is something for everyone! You can check out the website by clicking on the picture below!


What do you think? Have you shopped at Dresslink yet? Which of the pieces on my wishlist is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Love Kiki


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Outfit Inspiration-Lace on Lace


Top: Forever21-similar, Bralette: Amazon, Sunnies: Amazon, Lipstick: Artistry, Poetry Book: Amazon

When I’m trying to put an outfit together, I look for inspiration everywhere! In the things in my room, the things outside my window, and of course in other’s blogs and Instagram accounts. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of these types of outfit inspiration shots before on social media. I love them so much! They show parts of an outfit, but leave the rest up to your imagination. I especially enjoy when they throw a couple fun things into the shot that aren’t necessarily accessories, but really add to the spirit of the outfit. I included this poetry collection in my shot because it fits the black and white theme and the general feel of the look I’m going for.

Here I took a white boxy lace top and a black lace bralette for an interesting, textured multidimensional feel. I grabbed my round sunglasses and the poetry book to channel some of those 60s beatnik vibes, and grabbed a reddish-brown lipstick to add a little color!

I keep a bunch of this type of outfit inspiration picture on my phone for days when I’m running late. There’s enough in it that I have something to go off of, but it’s not a complete outfit, so I can put a different spin on it every day! What do you think of these sources of inspiration? Do you like them or do you prefer other ways of getting inspired? Let me know what you think! See this post on my Instagram too 🙂

Love Kiki