Insta Roundup #1

Instagram is probably my favorite type of social media. I check it more than Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest-I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed! I’ve been seeing Instagram roundups everywhere lately, and I really enjoy reading them! It’s such fun to see snapshots into other people’s lives (at least I think so! Maybe I’m just nosy haha), so I thought I’d do one too! If you’d like to follow me, you can click here– I’d love to check out your accounts! 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy.


  1. Top left. Throwing it back to my Spain hiking adventures this summer! (You can read about those here, here, or here if you like!)
  2. Middle top. I dressed as a flapper this Halloween with some 1920s inspired makeup- I think it came out pretty well! (I took about 10,000 versions of this selfie before settling on the perfect one- can you tell haha?)
  3. Top right. Stopped along a river on a road trip to take this snap of the fall colors.
  4. Left side. Having fun while shooting a recent OOTD- you can check out more shots from that over here if you like.
  5. Left side middle. Yes I take a lot of pictures of myself…are you seeing a theme here? I do admit that most of my Insta photos relate to blogging and what I’m currently wearing! However if you like these kinds of accounts you may enjoy that, I don’t know… I promise I’m not a total narcissist all the time!
  6. Right middle. Okay maybe it seems like I am…shameless selfie…so sorry. I was feeling my straight hair that day! Can anyone recommend a good heat protectant for straightening hair?
  7. Bottom left. Missing the summer weather so much right now…shot from a past OOTD.
  8. Right side middle. Another shot from this post.
  9. Right bottom. Showing off my new favorite eyeshadow, Bad To The Bronze by Maybelline. Read more about it in my November Favorites if you like.

As you can see, I definitely use my Instagram for #ootds, among a few other things! What do you think of Insta roundups? What kinds of photos do you usually post? Are you as obsessed as me haha? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Love Kiki


All opinions are my own; this is not a sponsored post.

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The Road So Far-Part 3

Hello everyone, and thank you so much to those of you who have been following my blog so far along the way-it really means a lot to me! For those of you who missed it, I am currently walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage across northern Spain to the tomb of St James the Elder. I’m currently about 3 weeks into the trip! You can read more about what the trip is in Parts 1 and 2, as well as Camino De Santiago 2015.

I’ve now been in the more mountainous part of Spain for a couple days. Yesterday I hit the highest point on the Camino, which gave such a great feeling of accomplishment. The views have been simply incredible, as I walk along the rim above the long valleys.  Here’s a shot of me at the top!

I’m wearing the same outfits in most of my photos haha-I only brought the bare minimum on this backpacking trip. You can expect a post once I return home of exactly what I brought, for anyone wishing to read about what one needs on the Camino!

I also got the chance to stop by and visit a Templar Knight castle in the lovely little city of Ponferrada. They thought at one point that the Holy Grail could have been at this location, and so they dug all through it. Fortunately it has undergone renovations since then and is simply amazing! I got a delicious ice cream cone at the shop across from it too-what more could you ask for?

Here a few more shots of the Camino-as they always say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This trip has proven to be just as life-changing and incredible as the first time I completed it. All the walking time truly gives a person time to reflect on who they are and where they are going, and I feel so lucky to be here doing it. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves travel and hiking! Thanks for stopping by 😊

Love Kiki


For more about the Camino, check out Part 1, Part 2, and Santiago de Compostela!

The Road So Far- Part 2

It’s been a week or so of walking, and I find myself settling into the daily rhythm. Waking up at 5 wearing my walking clothes, pulling on my boots and stepping out the door of the hostel right onto the trail. Usually I walk about 6 kilometers before stopping for breakfast. It’s hours before sunrise when the walk begins, and I love the serenity of it. Sometimes the Camino is right next to a road, and sometimes it’s so far from civilization it feels like I’ve gone back a few centuries. It’s amazing to think how many people have walked the same path over hundreds of years.

From starting in the province of Burgos, I have now crossed into Palencia and am just a couple of days from the city of León! I can’t wait to get there, but for now I’m enjoying walking through the countryside. Here’s a few shots to give you a bit of a feel of the trail!


As you can see, we’re walking through the flat and hot part right now. This are is known as the Meseta, and many pilgrims take a bus through it instead of enduring the awful baking heat. To anyone thinking of doing this trip, don’t forget to carry at least a liter or two of water walking through this area-and sunscreen is a must as well to survive this section. I made the mistake of forgetting to put it on the backs of my legs, and I suffered a miserable couple of days. Sun protection is top priority! Thankfully, the Meseta does end eventually.

Love Kiki


For more about the Camino, check out Part1, Part 3, and Santiago de Compostela!

The Road So Far-Part 1

Buenos días! I haven’t been able to update as often as I’d like to-WiFi has been pretty scarce so far. At just a few days into the Camino (not counting the 3 I spent in Madrid and Burgos) I’ve already seen and experienced so many amazing things along the way, which I’m sure I will share in due course. While in Madrid, I stayed in a hostel just down the street from the center of the city, Plaza del Sol. I tasted a wide variety of delicious things as well, and as a self proclaimed food enthusiast, my tastebuds were very happy! Here are a few highlights from Madrid!

       I hope these snapshots give you a taste of Madrid!  Thanks for stopping by and following along with my journey!

Love Kiki


For more about the Camino, check out Part 2, Part 3, and Santiago de Compostela!

Camino De Santiago 2015


Today I have some really exciting news to share with all of you!! On Thursday 25th June, I will be leaving my home in Vermont to fly to Spain! I will be there for 33 days (!!) hiking a 2,000 year old trail across the northern part of the country called the Camino De Santiago, or The Walk of Saint James. I will be walking about half of it, approximately 350 miles. This walk is a Catholic pilgrimage that has been continually walked for a couple thousand years and ends at the tomb of Saint James in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. You do not have to be religious to do this hike though-many are, but many also do it for personal, spiritual, or health reasons. I am so incredibly excited to be doing this and to be sharing my journey with all of you!


This is a map of the whole Camino. I will be starting in Burgos and walking all the way to Santiago de Compostela.

You may have heard of the Camino if you’ve ever heard of the movie The Way, a movie about one man’s fictional journey on it. I highly recommend checking it out, it’s really very well done, and Martin Sheen is incredible  in it. The Camino has also been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

This is not the first time I will have made this journey! I first walked the Camino in 2012, when I was sixteen years old. I am so grateful for both the opportunity to do it then and the opportunity to do it now, with a new perspective. This trip can so be so life-changing, and really opens your eyes to the things that are missing in your life. Every person I know that has done this has come out of it a different person than when they started.

I will be posting regular updates here along my journey, as well as some regular posts that I’ll have scheduled in advance-don’t worry haha, Color Me Kiki will not disappear for a whole month! 😉 I’ll be spending time in Spain’s beautiful capital, Madrid, before I start my trek, so do expect some #OOTDS! I’m so excited to be documenting my journey via blogging.

To read more about what the Camino is, you can click here, here, or here!

Here are a few pictures from my 2012 trip, to give you a sense of what it’s like to walk a trail that’s been walked for over 2,000 years.


On top of the the Cathedral.


Some days we were walking so high up we were above the cloud line!


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you stick with me and my journey as I walk across the country of Spain. You can follow along with my journey by entering your email address and following this blog, and by following me on Twitter and Instagram, where I’ll be posting daily updates! Have a great day 🙂

Love Kiki


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