Let’s Run Away Together

Remember the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William? I got up early to watch it before school, and I remember drooling over her gorgeous dress, with the beautiful lace overlay and the huge train and the buttons up the back…I was obsessed with that dress! So when CocoMelody got in contact with me to talk about wedding dresses, I immediately thought of Kate’s gorgeous lacey wedding dress. Looking through the photos, I even found some that were similar!

CocoMelody is a website that sells everything you could ever need to wear to a wedding! They have wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, and all kinds of accessories. You can check out their website by clicking on the above link! Now, let’s see a few of my favorite ones.


Ivory Lace Dress, $429

This dress really reminded me of the Kate Middleton dress, with its gorgeous lace and buttoned back. I found it in the section for modest dresses, surprisingly enough they have a whole section for brides who don’t want to show too much skin!

There definitely is something to be said for simplicity too, though. If I was to ever get married, I’d definitely consider an outdoors one! Here are a couple of my favorites for a more simple and relaxed wedding, like a beach wedding or a destination wedding. I’ve always liked the simplicity of beach wedding dresses.


A-Line Sweetheart Dress, $229


Sheer Overlay Dress, $169


Who knows if I’ll ever get married, but I love all three of these dresses, and the prices are really great! Would you rather get married in a church or on a beach, and what kind of dress would you have? Destination wedding dresses, anyone? I want to hear all about it!

Are you married, or are you not planning on it? Dream dress? Let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Love Kiki


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. All photos belong to CocoMelody, I own nothing.

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Daydreaming About My Fall Wedding (with PromTimes UK)


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a fall wedding.

Spring is too muddy, winter is too hard for travelers, and summer is just so hot and sticky, I think all my makeup would be melting off my face! So when the folks at PromTimes, a British-based clothing company, reached out to me to collaborate, I was instantly drawn to the bridesmaid’s dresses section.

I’m ashamed to admit that I probably spent about an hour browsing through their dresses and planning what dress would suit all of my bridesmaids the best. I’m nowhere near getting married, but we all like to plan it in our heads sometimes, right? I was never one to have a Pinterest board dedicated to the subject of weddings, but I can’t say I’ve never zoned out thinking about it in class…anyway, if you’ve got a wedding coming up, or a homecoming or prom, or just like daydreaming like me, this is a great place to start! Here’s a few of my favorites.


Grape Sweetheart Dress


Navy One-Strap Dress


Triangle-Back Dress

I love these all! I think the first two would be perfect for fall weddings or formal events, and I love the one shoulder style. My very favorite though is this black cocktail dress. You could really wear it anywhere, and the detail of the back is so cute! Even better, all three of these dresses cost less than £50, or around $77 US! I’m thinking I’m going to have to check this website out next time I have a formal coming up. I’m all about finding deals on fancy pieces, since you wear them less than day-to-day clothes.

If I ever do get married, I hope whoever it is likes the fall, because I can be pretty stubborn about what I want! I suppose a late August wedding wouldn’t be too bad though. I’m not sure I’m willing to compromise on that point haha. That day’s a long way off though. What do you think? Have you ever tried PromTimes? Are you the type to plan your wedding, or have you never really thought about it? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Love Kiki


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own and are genuine and honest.

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